Observation #1 on Dating:

friend zone

The next several blogs I post are the result of letting experiences and stories that God has brought into my life be teachable moments. Growth opportunities. Standard makers. As such I would ask that you please read with an open heart and mind. For these are truths that come from the Holy Spirit leading me through actual experiences.  So the hope is that the following observations would be helpful and perhaps encouraging to my single brothers and sisters.

So here we go:


  I keep hearing about and witnessing what has become known as “emotional dating.”  Allow me to describe what this “emotional dating” scenario looks like.  A guy and a girl begin talking.  They see each other at social events, perhaps group settings, and slowly, but surely, they start going to these “group” functions solely to see the other person.  These “group” settings begin feeling like dates, but really they’re not.  And this is why.  Because no statement of intent has ever been made. And no matter how you imagine things to be if nothing has ever been spoken then you’re still just two people “hanging out.” Even though emotionally you feel like you’re dating the other person.   

This is where I would like to interject this revolutionary idea: THE STATEMENT OF INTENT SHOULD BE COMING FROM THE GUY.  The reason being that the steps taken in the beginning of a relationship set the tone.  So the first “notes” of a relationship should be setting the standards that you hope to cultivate for the rest of your relationship.  Like who the leader is going to be.  In the mean time remember this ladies:  it is nothing until he says it is something.  Quit fooling yourselves.  And men:  it is nothing until you say it is something, so don’t act like she owes you her loyalty, when you haven’t asked for it.

May truth change us.



One thought on “Observation #1 on Dating:

  1. the way you connect with your rerdaes through your posts is amazing,be it a video,image or a post, you seem to exactly know what fits in the criteria.beleive me i read 10 s of blogs every week, but your posts are quite engrossing than the rest. I just hope you continue writing and updating this blog!

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