Dating Observation #2:

I think we can all agree that we like to know a little about someone before we will commit to dating them. And now there seems to be this new method of “getting to know” a person without ever actually going on a date. It looks like this: Somehow numbers are exchanged and a series of “text-sations” begins. After a few days of this electronic banter a decision is made on either one, or both sides of the backlit screens, to continue or to cease and desist.

The problem is, is that emotions have already been evoked, and both parties may not be on the same page. One may be thinking things are going great and the other is already ready to unplug. Because whether anyone wants to admit it or not, an emotional attachment has already begun to form. If you want to avoid miscommunication, than do your serious communicating face to face, and avoid these emotional roller coaster rides where someone always gets hurt. Relationships involve risk. And risk always carries a real possibility of getting hurt, even when we think we’re protecting ourselves by hiding behind our phones.
May truth change us,


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