Blogtember: A Blog about Fear

Have you ever had that feeling that you were just made for something more? That YOU out of all the people on this planet were actually given a unique set of gifts, talents, insights, and that somehow in the craziness of life, and the loud voices of the world that you were actually supposed to change something…?  I feel like that everyday.  But the reality is that even in the midst of feeling called to something great you also feel afraid.  A fear that stems from the other set of voices that say,

“You can’t do that. Who do you think you are?  You know that calling is bigger than you.  Why don’t you just leave that to someone else more qualified.  They’ve got it covered.  The world doesn’t need you.”

I don’t know if you hear voices.  I may just be crazy, but if you do maybe yours sound similar?  Regardless though, I think you know what I am talking about, those nagging, nagging thoughts.  The ones that won’t let you sleep, that won’t let you breathe, that weigh on your chest like a rock.  And for me those voices have the capability to strike fear into the very core of my being.  They hinder me from seeing anything clearly.   From seeing my dreams, goals, ambitions, and myself.    And then on top of it that other nagging feeling that you were meant to do that, “thing” won’t subside either.  And then you’re caught between the two.  It feels like torture. Caught between already and not yet.

But here’s the truth, and something I hope you’ll remind yourself of everyday if need be. (I know I do) You are already more than you think, and with the help of the Holy Spirit improvement is limitless. God chooses you and your gifts not others. He determines your steps not man.

So do not let your fear hold you back.  Not the fear that you were meant for more, you know you are.  The fear that you may somehow change the course of your life by your failures.  The good news is that God has already taken into account our imperfections, and He is more than capable of using it all for our good.  Good + bad still = good for us.  So do not be afraid little one.  (That’s what I hear Him say often to me.)  I know the plans I have for you…and anything can happen.

May truth change us.




One thought on “Blogtember: A Blog about Fear

  1. Oh friend, I love this so much! Your words are so reassuring to me. My new motto for this season of my life is ‘faith over fear’ and this was the sealing stamp. “…The fear that you may somehow change the course of your life by your failures. ” SO good.

    Love you babe.

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