Blogtember: A Love Letter

Good Morning, Love,

I hope that you could hear my gentle humming.  I have been humming your favorite song all night to make sure that you had the best sleep.  I know that you’ve been worried about a lot of things lately.  Doubting if we really are OK.  Wondering where this relationship may take you.  How the past affects our future. Questioning if I really love you.  I can promise you, that when I say I watch you sleep every night, and can’t wait for you to wake up, I speak the truth.  I think about you more than a Mother thinks of her newborn child, and I care for you more than any friend who ever has, or ever will.  You are the love of my life.  My desire for you is constant.  A flame that doesn’t waiver or dim.  As I watch you dream I think about the plans you have for the future, and the worry that brings.  I see the struggles you face everyday and long to help lift that burden from your shoulders.  No matter how many times you say no, I still want to carry your load.

I know that you are strong. I know that you are used to doing things on your own, but I sure wish you would allow me to help. I am strong, capable, ready, willing, steadfast.   Even if your struggle required my life, I would lay it down gladly.  This is not trite sentimentality.  You have won a cherished place in my heart.  Your laughter is my favorite sound.  Your smile my favorite sight. Your heart the place I feel at home.  The quirkiest things about you, that you complain about everyday, are in fact even more reasons that I love you.  For each scar, freckle, gap, blemish, and pound, are you.  YOU.  And you are who I love.

So I am writing you a letter to reiterate again. Today. This moment. This breath. That I love you.  That I adore you. That I can’t imagine this world without you.  I chose you and I choose you again.  And for every doubt or fear you have, I will be here to affirm my love to you, in a 1,000 different ways unique to you.  Because I have memorized you and I know what you need.  Please never doubt that you are wanted. For my desire for you is deeper than the lowest point in the ocean, and wider than the universe.  I called you mine, and will never leave you, nor forsake you.  

My love is constant. 

My love is true.

I love you forever. I want you for always.



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