Blogtober: What Inspires You to Count Your Blessings?

What Inspires You?
What Inspires You?

It’s been a few days since I blogged.  I got behind on the last couple “Blogtember” posts and then I hit a wall.  But as is true of most things that we love, we can’t stay away for long.  As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today, I couldn’t stop thinking about the many blessings in my life.  Lately it seems I have been completely overwhelmed by God’s goodness to me.  It has shown up in the smallest, yet most intricate ways.  Ways so minute that they can only be a testament of God’s faithfulness and love for me.

However, as I thought of my blessings I also thought of the many people in my life, and those living lives around me that are not in seasons of such obvious blessing.  Like the story I read about the two young woman who recently lost their father to cancer.  Who caught national media’s attention because of the precious gift of love that their father gave them before he passed away in July of this year.  He knew he probably wouldn’t live to see them both get married.  So he organized a day to walk each of them down the aisle as a blessing for their future marriages.  Even more than that he exchanged vows with his wife again.

If I wasn’t already balling at this point, (I could barely finish looking through the pictures because of my tear interference), I noticed another painful part of their story.  One of the daughters was missing a leg.  She was walking down the aisle leaning on her father, and crutches.  When I saw this I had to look away.  As I bore witness to this family’s pain, I thought again about the blessings in my own life.  A wave of guilt washed over me.  It made me frustrated.

My frustration stemmed from a genuine, passionate questioning of God’s sovereignty.  “WHY!?” I thought.  “Why, am I so blessed.  Even the deepest pains, disappointments, and frustrations, I have experienced in my life, pale in comparison to the pain I see around me everyday. The trials that others endure on a daily basis.  This beautiful family is only one, of the millions, who experience loss, disease, and heart wrenching trials everyday.  So why am I do blessed? And what do I do with my blessings?”

It’s not that I am not thankful.  Far from it.  I relish even more, with every passing picture of suffering the simple blessings of my life.  And I cannot answer my own question.  But I did come to a couple of realizations.

One was that I have a daily obligation to see my blessings and thank God appropriately.  To breathe in the air that He graciously provides for my healthy lungs.  To let my breath out be a sigh of praise.  To use my legs and walk towards the hurting. I have a responsibility to live a life of gratitude.  To use my blessing to bind up the wounds of those around me.  And if in this life, suffering finds me, to remember that I am not alone.  That in that moment I am joining the ranks of all those who are and have suffered before me.  That in that moment I am taking my share of the suffering and hopefully from someone else who has had their fair share already.  To remember that God is big enough. He sees everything, and that no matter the suffering it is never pointless.  It is all working into us a strength and endurance that can only come through pain.

So I hope that you will join me today in praying for the Evans family.  Who have lost a father, and more.  And after petitioning, praise Him for the blessings that you are enjoying right now.  Like breath, and legs, and those that we love.

May we let truth change us.



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