The Zombie Within


On a girl’s night you don’t really expect to end the night with a zombie flick.  However, with the votes being cast I found myself watching “World War Z” with my gal pals.  I have to admit I was slow on the uptake.  I had seen previews, but didn’t realize that the “foe” was indeed zombies until Brad Pitt, and his perfect family of four, were unexpectedly attacked on their weekday drive through the city.  The watching of this movie sparked a later conversation where this question was posed: “People know that zombies aren’t real right?”  I laughed as “my man” half explained to me that “zombie ammunition” was now available.   Now we both wanted to believe that people do indeed know that zombies are a figment of Hollywood’s imagination.  However, at the rate that books, movies, and zombie killer parties continue to progress it feels like it’s a fair question to pose: Do people know that zombies are not real?

I think I know the answer, that people do know that they aren’t real, but this whole train of thought brought me to another train and I boarded to see where it would take me.  The train of thought that really, spiritually speaking, we are zombies.  Maybe this is where the fascination comes from.  The reality that for some reason, we as a human race, are mesmerized by the evil inside of us.  We watch TV day in and day out our minds being inundated with the heart wrenching, the ugly, the evil, the desperate.  Wondering how these kinds of things could happen.  Guns in schools, robberies, little children being beaten to death.  The list goes on and on.  Every day seems to bring a new tragedy.

This thought of human nature got me to thinking about what the human race is truly capable of doing.  We always look at others and think that the evil is coming from them.  That others are the cause of the ugly that we see around us.  However, I have seen glimpses of irrational, selfish behavior that comes from inside of me.  Or the days that I feel like I’m sleep walking through life day in and day out wondering what my purpose in the world could be.  I guess what my thought process ended with is this: We all have the potential to be zombies.   Irrational, selfish, violent, destructive, harmful, living, but not dead beings, with no other goal than destruction and making others like us because we are unsatisfied with our own reality.

I think that the reason we find the horrifying things in life interesting, and even entertaining, is because deep down, if we are honest, we all know that we could be provoked to the same behavior.  Give ourselves a different family, a different education, a different set of genetics, a personal demon that haunts us, and we could all find ourselves in a very different state.  Either violent or comatose.  Alive, but just barely.  It makes me thankful that I have the Holy Spirit alive and well within me.  The only force that is strong enough to bring the dead back to life.  To make beauty out of dust.  To give us a reason to live for more and believe for more than this world puts in front of us.  To trade in our “zombie” natures and receive the antidote.  Life to the fullest with Christ.  Maybe that’s why those things start to lose their fascination.  Because we know there is something better than zombies.  There is more that awaits us in the end.  A loving God, with loving arms, who waits to embrace us, and complete that which He has begun…new life.

May truth change us.



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