25 Days: A Journey towards Christmas


Christmas is approaching, and in lightening fashion it will soon pass us by again, like the Sun orbits the Earth.  Sometimes I am saddened by how quickly it comes and goes.  This season of hope, generosity, family, and peace.  The time of year that has been known to pause wars, turn Scrooges into givers, and bring new hope to hurting hearts.  Christmas is my favorite time of year,  but I often get so rushed off my feet that I don’t have time to really think about what Christmas is all about.  To enjoy the season.  The pressure to find the perfect gift, and the pressure to be social, sometimes cause a form of dementia.  I forget to just breath and thank Jesus for coming over 2,000 years ago.  To think about the baby that arrived that night in Bethlehem.  And how His birth not only changed the world.  It changed my life.  How His coming, was God bending low to be with me.  I forget to take a moment and simply let His love just wash over me.I often push myself to the limits.

I love people and the holidays.  But it seems that they run until they blur into one never ending exhausting season.  From Thanksgiving to New Years the calendar stays full. The to do lists, though written on paper, seem to weigh 2 tons, and rest seems to take a vacation.   I think about how this has been the trend for centuries.  Before Christ came people were rushing to and fro, traveling, buying and selling, and feeling the weight of humanity, all with the hope that some day a Savior would come.   Then that precious, sacred silent night came.  And unbeknownst to the world peace came to Earth in the form of a little baby.  I now have the option to accept peace and calm into my very soul.  Yet I often choose to rush and rush and perform and rush some more.  The season that was meant to bring peace and calm, now invites chaos and exhaustion.

Even the things that I enjoy, like writing get put on hold.   To the point that I have been a LOT lax in my recent posts and have missed processing life with you all here in my blog.  So as I was pondering the season, and wanting to blog more, I decided to marry the two.  Starting today, December first.  For 25 days I will be writing an entry everyday through Christmas.

I hope that you’ll join me as I think through what Christmas is, what it has been, and what I hope it will be in the years to come.  Honoring the birth of the Savior and taking time to reflect on what His birth means for us.  I am excited about embarking on this journey, and hope that even if you don’t read every entry, that you will at least take time to slow down, and enjoy this very special season and think about what it means for you.

May truth change us every step of the way.



Feedback welcome.

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