Journey Towards Christmas: Don’t Max Out Your Credit Card

The search for the perfect gift...
The search for the perfect gift…

As I rang up a customer today we discussed the Christmas season, and the stress of gift shopping.  She said, I think people tend to forget why they are even giving presents during this season.” 

I couldn’t agree more.  Her statement made me pause.  It made me think about how we make our lists and check them twice.  How we try to out give our friends and families, and how guilt often plagues us if we can’t find THE perfect gift.  How millions of dollars are spent over the Christmas season all in hopes of purchasing THE thing that will make someone happy.  Hoping to receive THE thing that will make US happy.  Stressing over a season that was meant to bring peace and calm to our weary souls we wear ourselves and our credit cards out.

The irony of gift searching is that God sent us the ULTIMATE gift.  Yet every year the search continues.   God’s plan to stop the hunting, the wandering, the searching has yet to satisfy our hungry hearts.  I recently read a quote by John Bevere that said, “You hunger for what you feed upon.”  My prayer is that this season we would feed upon the glory, peace, and rest that God is trying to give us.  That we would give ourselves permission to not try to keep up with the world’s pace, but to rest in the Savior’s arms.  He is no longer a baby in a manger, but a fierce lover of our souls.  Whose arms are more than strong enough to hold us if only we would rush to Him instead of the nearest store.

We rush off to shop forgetting that every shiny package that we receive, or bestow, holds eternal significance.  The reminder that because of God’s gift, the present we’re holding doesn’t have to satisfy our souls.  It’s simply a symbol of hope.  An opportunity for us to see God’s love.  A chance for us to share that same love with each other.  We don’t have to make a list, or check it twice, we don’t have to worry if we’ve been naughty or nice.  We simply get to give and receive.   So I would encourage you to give and receive this season with new eyes.  Eyes that see past the gift, to the heart of God.  And that within His heart you would find new joy in gift receiving.

May we hunger for Him alone, and in Him alone find our satisfaction.

Happy receiving.



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