JTC: Give Me a Break

This Journey Towards Christmas, was supposed to enable me to take a moment out of every day to be quiet during this season.  Sadly that just hasn’t happened.  With parties, and volunteering, and work, and more parties, and more volunteering, I have gotten sucked in once again to the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  So I am behind on this blogging journey. I have however learned a couple of things from my business and have recommitted, from this point forward, to blog everyday.

At first I was going to go back and fill in all the blanks, the days I hadn’t blogged. Then I realized that this was part of the problem.  The inability to just let there be gaps.  Gaps in the story.  Gaps in my life.  That I don’t have to seem like I have it all together because I don’t.  My gaps speak of my need for a Savior because I’m not perfect.   Sometimes the ball drops.

I think that there are more of you than I know that do the same thing.  We push ourselves forward in the need to “perform.”  Sometimes just in the name of “serving.”  And the goals to spend more time with the Lord in the morning, or to be more available for family, somehow, get sacrificed on the altar of painting a good public image.

Because of my problem with this I find that during the holidays my inability to say, “no” increases ten fold.  All the sudden I find myself in the middle of another activity as soon as the last one has ended.  And sometimes, like this week, I find myself in the middle of two or three at the same time.  Waking up exhausted every morning praying for a way to make it through the day, asking the Lord to keep me from sickness, but sometimes wishing I would just get sick so I would have an excuse to STOP.

I hope, my friend, that you will can learn from this part of the journey with me.  First that you can say, “no.”   And more importantly you can say, “no” without guilt.  Secondly, that if you have made goals that you have not been able to adhere to 100% that you can cut yourself a little slack.  Admit that you aren’t where you want to be, but you are not going to quit and you are going to continue toward your goal.   Because that is why Jesus came this Christmas season.  So that we would no longer have to vainly strive for perfection, always missing the mark.

He came to say, “Yes, you’re fallen. No you’re not perfect.  But I Am.  So let me help you.  Each time you fall, don’t stay down. For victory is not in never falling.   It’s letting Me help you up and continue to lead you after the fall.  For every time you take My hand you are victorious.”  

So, my friend I hope that you’ll cut yourself a little slack.  Reach back out for the Savior’s hand, and remember in the midst of the hustle and bustle that you are loved, you are redeemed, and you don’t have to be perfect.

May you find time to rest in His love this season,



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