JTC: Merry Breathing


Today I woke up.  That action, waking up, is so often taken for granted.  The breath that fills my lungs and  returns through my nose is done without even thinking.  Then on top of breathing, I got to climb into a hot shower, and put on freshly laundered clothes.  I was able to prepare my breakfast without hassle, sit on a couch while I spent my quiet time with the Lord, and open the precious Word of God.  Another blessing, as many people would risk life and limb to own those precious pages bound in black leather.

I allowed my mind to interrupt my quiet comfort as I let my mind wander over the many things that I have to be grateful for in my life.  This is not meant to be one of those guilt trips that actually pushes you farther away from moments of gratitude, but just me sharing my heart.  Me taking a moment to publicly thank the Lord for the blessings that He bestows upon me.  Right down to the littlest details, like breathing.  I am breathing, you are breathing therefore, we are blessed.

My gratitude made me think about what Jesus gave up to come to Earth.  By all definitions of time and space we can’t even fathom the outskirts of the last galaxy, and Jesus came from a  dimension farther than that to reach us. It would be like a human being shrinking themselves to a 2-D figure on a television screen and living on that tiny screen, when they were used to living in the great wide world outside.  Not only living in a tinier space, but giving up his position and notoriety.  His glory.  He humbled Himself to take on our lowly form, and graced this hurting world with His peaceful presence.

His presence is what now allows me to see this world more clearly, and to breath in and out with praise instead of enmity.  So as I continue on this Journey Towards Christmas, I pray you’ll keep walking with me.  That this season, even above Thanksgiving, we would all be aware of the gifts that we are given.  That we would praise Him for the gift of His Son that allows us the life we are living.  That we would be aware that because of His great humility our breaths mean something more than just seconds ticking off as we move towards the grave.  For now the grave has NO hold on us, and that is indeed something to be grateful for this day and every day.

Merry breathing,



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