JTC: Blessings in Disguise


This Christmas “elf” has had her fill.  I am officially partied out.  I have helped throw four Christmas events in the last seven days, and my craftiness, creativity, and eagerness to help need a vacation.

As I have been rushing to and fro this season, (now writing this blog at almost midnight because it’s the first quiet moment I have had since 8 this morning) I needed the Lord to remind me of a few things I have been missing.  He did this gentle reminding as I was laying in bed last night starring at my prayer wall, trying to wind down into peaceful sleep.

Staring at my prayer wall, (things I have been praying for all year), I saw several requests that I had nearly forgotten in my business.

One was two fold.  My prayer for creative relevancy and open doors to use said gift.  Another, for ways to use my worship to glorify Him.  Although I thought worship looked like singing, He is showing me that my worship comes in a different form.   My creativity.  My worship to Him, especially during this Christmas season isn’t to be in the lime light performing, it is to usher in His birth with service.  So in God like fashion He gave me open doors to use my creativity, and allowed me to glorify Him by putting it to good use this season.

However, instead of enjoying the use of my talents, I began complaining, and allowing self pity to creep in and taint my “holiday spirit.”  Because I was not aware of His presence and the gift of opportunities to use my talents I was losing steam and joy.   I am glad that in the midst of my exhaustion He took me aside and revealed to me my answered prayers. His glory, my platforms for creativity, and relevancy.

So my prayer for you as you continue this Journey Towards Christmas is that you, like me, would come face to face with the unexpected.  That your heart would find time to be quiet and you would allow God to shine new light on the frustrating, the busy, and the stress.  That perhaps with His help you would begin to see the blessings that are hiding amidst chaos.  And that you would also remember that everything you do is a form of worship to the King.  So bring those gifts right up to the manger, and know He is so pleased by your perfectly, personal gift.

Glory to God in the Highest.



One thought on “JTC: Blessings in Disguise

  1. So much I don’t understand in life and yet… I accept. Often I meet whatever it is with a smile, perhaps a shrug, and at other times… tears. I may not always like what is served, but whispering in my ear is your love saying, this is good for me. Having a best friend like you, is what gets me through… days like these, in this merrygoround, crazy kinda life of mine. * heart*

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