The Hero’s Nemesis

Some thoughts to help you face your fears, friends.


the sheildI sat today with a dear friend sharing our mutual love of super hero movies. Her favorite was Spiderman, mine was Captain America. It was a brief conversation but a thought provoking one. We discussed the attributes that we admired in each hero and compared their lists of villains. It was fun to imagine what it would look like to swap the characters. How might Thor fair against the genius of Dr. Octopus? Or how might Spidey handle facing a frost giant?

As we chatted it dawned on me. In each comic the villain is designed to accentuate the strengths of the hero. Perhaps this is an elementary thought but it had not been something I had paused to ponder.  Wolverine vs Sabertooth, Captain America vs Red Skull, Thor vs Loki, Hulk vs Abomination, Batman vs Joker, Professor X vs Magneto, etc.  Characters that are physical have physical opponents. Intelligence…

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