Starfish Excavator

I tattooed it.  Literally put it on my body in a permanent fashion.


Went through the pain and the swelling.  I sat through the hour session with only one thought running through my head, “Breathe.”  I didn’t remember any of my other tattoos hurting this bad and I swore that if anyone ever asked if they should get a foot tattoo,  I’d talk them out of it.

But then it healed…

The swelling went away…

Summer passed and winter came, and along with the cold came shoes.

With those shoes a lesson, that I once thought important enough to tattoo on my body, was buried.

I think all lessons in life are like that.  We think we have learned something.  We take it to heart, and for a moment it changes everything.  We are better for the lesson we learned.  Other lives are too.  Then a season changes, and those “shoes” come out, and something we used to look at everyday becomes hidden.  We forget the pain it took to learn the lesson, or the sacrifices that imprinted them on our brains.

But sometimes miracles happen.  A chance to uncover old lessons by taking our “shoes” off.  I recently shed my shoes in Costa Rica.  The lesson uncovered?

No task is too small, no person unimportant.

You see sometimes I wonder what my role in life is.  I know that there is a specific path for me, something that God created just for me to do, but I sometimes get so scared that I am going to miss the path, I stop looking.  I sort of sit down and challenge God to reveal something to me before I keep walking.

Or I pout.  I say, “Well God, I don’t see how any of this really matters.  When I am I going to “graduate.”

I think He laughs, and says, “As soon as you stop sitting down half way through the lesson.  We could have already been there.”

And then, and I am blessed He continues to be merciful with my childlike behavior, He send a miracle.   Little reminders, that work as huge excavators, digging up memories of long buried lessons.  In Costa Rica I found a little starfish “excavator.”


For me starfish have long been a symbol.   They symbolize the reality that, “No task is too small, no person unimportant.”  What may not seem like a big deal to some, may be the very thing that saves another’s life.  Like the starfish I found.  I had the opportunity to place them back in the ocean instead of leaving them to be fried on the high tide rocks.

I didn’t change the world, and it took barely any effort on my part, but to that starfish, it was life giving.   Translate that into your everyday life and you could be a life giving source to someone just by reaching out your hand and helping them to the other side.   Small actions have huge implications.

I needed to be reminded that my small actions had bigger implications.  Maybe you need to be reminded of that too.  Out stretched hands change the world, smiles change the world, tiny acts of kindness can change the world.  You can create a ripple that reaches far beyond your physical grasp.

No task is too small, no person unimportant. 

Create a ripple today,




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