Put a Little Grace in Your Life

You’re late for an important meeting, you spill coffee all over your bedroom carpet, your car won’t start, someone takes the parking spot you had your eye on, you are hurt when a friend cancels their plans with you, you miss your flight, you rear end someone in morning traffic…  These common disappointments are not what any of us wish for when we first open our eyes to greet the day.  Yet these, and many other frustrations, often affect our days.  Sometimes several one after the other.  Piling up and weighing down our outlook on life. It is amazing how something as small as a spilled cup of coffee can ruin your entire day if you let it.

Over the last month I have had all of these things happen to me or someone I know.  Hence the ready list of mishaps.  And this morning I missed a flight I really wanted to be on.  You tell yourself, “It’s ok,” but in reality you want to crumple on the floor and pout for a while, like a two year just denied a treat at the grocery store. You want to scream, “No fair!” as the other person boards ahead of you and the gate shuts in your face.  But you don’t, you smile and start making other arrangements.

This morning, I missed the flight because one other person was flying stand by and because she was listed ahead of me, she got on instead of me.  I am sure that she has already forgotten about me, but as she walked by I remember thinking, “Well,  Jesus, she must really need to be on this flight. Maybe she needs to get to Missouri for a sick relative, or maybe she has a doctors appointment she can’t miss, or maybe I just need to remember that this could be a grace.”  

In fact I know it is a grace.  Now, I know that most people may not agree that there are no such thing as coincidences, but I am a believer that there truly are no coincidences. I believe in a Big God, but I also believe in a God who sees the tiniest of details.  He knows the number of hairs on my head and He knew about the two lost sparrows trapped in the airport terminal this morning.  He sees ALL things and He is not too busy to take notice.  I believe that He is orchestrating every step I take, and because I am only a small part of a much larger body of believers, He is orchestrating their lives as well.  

He cares about me getting to Missouri as much as I do, and if He can teach me something along the way He isn’t going to miss that opportunity.  Because the amazing and mind blowing belief I have is this: God is never going to let something happen to me or someone else that does not benefit us both.  He doesn’t love the lady that got on the plane more than He loves me.  He simply has a plan that is going to benefit both of us, even if I can’t see it now.  I don’t know her story, but I know for me I needed another lesson in grace.  I needed to remember who is truly orchestrating my life, and I needed to take a moment to blog about it.  He knew that.  Because maybe the person who reads this needs to be reminded that God has a plan, that you aren’t being overlooked for someone else, and that He doesn’t have favorites, He just has a perfect plan.  

A plan that includes you becoming more of the you He intended in the beginning.  A plan that incorporates a closer relationship with Him, and a better life for you.  The question is, are you going to see the graces for what they are?  Or are you going to let them become insurmountable road blocks? Sometimes we just have to say “yes” to the class He is trying to teach.  Only with our cooperation will we see His intended plan.  Only with our acceptance will be begin to see grace where only frustration and disappointment stood before.  


May we both allow more grace into our lives today.