What makes God, God?


I was reading a devotional last night written by an author whom I love dearly. In this particular passage,  she was discussing the sovereignty of God and finding rest in it. Although most of her case was sound, one phrase caught my attention and started my wonderings. She said “God is all powerful, that’s what makes Him God.” I absolutely agree that God is all powerful.  He is also all present,  all knowing, all wise and a whole host of other attributes. But which is the cause and which is the effect? Is He God because He is all powerful,  or all powerful because He is God?

Throughout history, humaity has created and re created deities in our own image. Sure the gods are usually bigger and stronger, faster and smarter than we are but most still manage to be petty and cruel or at best, benevolent tyrants. In all…

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Face to Face

A longing, a breath.
Then, a spark.
Imagination exhales.
A life is formed.
Breath of love is breathed.

A formless void presents itself as a canvas before the Eternally, Creative One.
The One Whose very blink has power.
Who does nothing without purpose.
When He imagined me, He loved me.
He knew me.
He named me.
Then with tender fingers, loving heart, and abundant creativity, He formed me.
With holy breath He breathed life into these lungs with birth’s first cry.
A breath He continues to maintain.
Like life support He lends me this life.
Each day waiting for me to see how my lungs are infused with His eternal grace.
He longs for me to see our connection.
Not so that He can enslave me with guilt, but only to outpour His affection and love.
To share the rhythm found in his eternal heartbeat.
Pounding out the cadence of His soul rending passion.
A passion that maintains its fire no matter the coldness of my heart.
So, at the sun’s rising, my lungs fill with air, and I am greeted by His grace anew.
His mercy singing out an invitation to see the Source of each breath.
To look into the eyes of the One Who, looked into my dead eyes, not from a distance, but nose to nose, mouth to mouth, forehead to forehead.

And just breathed.

Because He loves me, He lent me this life.

And still He’s here, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, mouth to mouth, eye to eye.
Waiting, longing, yearning for the day when my faith shall become sight.
When I can, at last, see the Life Giver, as clearly as He has always seen me…

face to face.

“Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.” 1 Corinthians 13:12

Someday we will see Him face to face, hold on.


The Lies We Believe

It has been three months since I last typed a blog. But it has also been three months since I felt enough like myself to be inspired to write. Three months ago I made a big move from Colorado to Missouri. Whenever I move geographically my personhood may be in a different location, but it takes a while for the rest of my being too catch up. Mainly my heart.

I think this process takes so long because I let an illusion take over. The illusion that somehow by changing my location I change my identity. No longer confident in my surroundings I begin to feel less confident about myself. Less confident about myself, I begin to wonder what my purpose is in this new place. I begin to doubt who I am. I think that because I have moved and that these new people don’t know who I am, that who I am ceases to exist.

But geography and the people in my life do not define who I am. People do not define my beauty, my character, my strength, or my talents, my essence does not change just because I am in a new state. So I can free myself up. I can breathe. I can stop looking over my shoulder and wondering if I am making all these new people happy. Because I don’t have to make sure people like me before I can be myself.

In this transition The Lord, yet again, with his unfailing love and understanding of my weak heart, has made a way. But not in huge ways. Not by making sure that all things are smooth or that everyone likes me, or even by making sure that I have enough money to feel comfortable. The Lord has simply been gracious to show me that who I am in Him never changes and neither does His love for me. No matter where I live, no matter who I am with, and no matter how much I do or don’t have, He loves me. And His love is liberating.

He has given me the joy that is the strength of my heart. He has clothed me in peace until it has seeped into my soul, like a balm applied to your skin sinks into the very fiber of your muscle tissue and relieves your pain. He has graciously whispered into my ear until I could hear it…

“I love you, just as you are, now and forever, today and tomorrow are taken care of, fear not. Do not worry about who will love you, how you will be cared for or even who will like you. Do not worry about being misunderstood. Misunderstanding is not one sided and I am working in other’s lives too. Relax and rest in Me. Knowing that I am doing a new thing. A grand thing. And I am changing you more into My likeness as we go. Look deep, you are different today than three months ago. The image of My Son is clearer. And that is all that matters.”

Here’s to another three months of transformation and resting in His word as my strong tower.

Take Risk Friends.