You Were Made to SHINE.

It’s not an ostentatious thing to stand out. There isn’t something the person next to you has that entitles them to be more amazing than you. You and your neighbor are equally incredible, incredibly equal.

The question is:

“Do you believe you’re amazing? “

Our culture says amazing is in, but when we hear the word amazing we doubt it describes us. We don’t feel amazing enough to do any of the things people expect when they hear the word amazing. But the reality is all you have to do to be amazing is be yourself. You heard me, BE YOURSELF. That’s the entire recipe for being incredible.

The hard part about this truth is you don’t feel  these words are true. You don’t feel amazing because you are still wondering who you are. Where you are going and what you should be doing. We are so inundated with society’s pictures of “incredible” that we get lost trying to become a snapshot, instead of our three dimensional selves. So we live very flat two dimensional lives wondering why it never seems to be enough. Well in order to live three dimensionally you have to make room for your soul. The part of you that makes you you. No one else can share your soul with you. And you cannot share someone else’s soul. So why are we all so busy trying to fit someone else’s spirit into our bodies? I have often said, “If we are so busy inputting everyone else’s ideas and thoughts, how do we have room for our own?”

It is time to get your soul back.

There is a place for in taking and uploading others creativity, but not at the sacrifice of our own. You have your own shade of “you” to add to the color wheel of the world. Your own sparkle, twinkle, glimmer, spark. The question is, “What is it?” What makes you come alive? What consumes your thoughts? What makes you want to get up off the couch and fight? Do you even know what you are passionate about? More than just the latest movie, or song, or gadget. Those are someone else’s dreams, their uniqueness floating around to bless the lives of others. But if we are not careful their gifts will be the undoing of our own dreams.

Sometimes it takes separating ourselves from the noise to hear the still small voice of our weak soul. I believe we were created in the image of God. But this physical body is not in His image, our souls are His image. So it would make sense when we feel disconnected from the deepest parts of who we are (our soul) we feel distant from God too.

He wants to connect with us so we can connect with who we were created to be. Our true selves. Alive, sparkling, brilliant. You cannot live forever off the vapors of someone else’s dreams. We were each entrusted with our own divine spark. Something we have that no one else has. But as we compare, hide, fear, we become apathetic even towards our own souls. Our own true self doesn’t even feel free to show itself to us, let alone the world. So instead of growing brighter, shinier, stronger, it begins the slow fade. It bows it’s head ashamed. Ashamed of what? It never even saw the light of day and it already lives a life of rejection.

What advice would you give to someone who’s true self was in hiding? Someone you loved, cared for, believed in? Why don’t you start telling yourself those words of life. Love yourself, let your soul shine. You’re amazing. Be brave enough to be you. You’ll be amazed at the things you will do. I have no doubt it will be something truly dazzling. Truly spectacular. Truly you.



Feedback welcome.

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