JTC: What Star are You Following?

Freedom does not come from the discovery and exploration of far and distant places.  Nor is ultimate satisfaction found in exploration of unwalked planets.  Lasting happiness is not found in traveling to distant continets, unearthing rare jewels, or conquering wild animals.  New sights and sounds, even holding orphans in destitute countries will not bring about the fulfillment we are searching for.  For any of these things to mean anything, we must first accept the quest to explore the wildnerness of our own broken and blistering souls.  To willingly enter into the pain and darkness of our deepest parts.  We will never be able to discover, or accept the true reality of our adventure without first understanding that what we discover does not complete us, but BEING discovered.  

When we allow ourselves to step into the light, when we come out of hiding and enter into the journey of allowing God to meet us where we’re at, we encounter, and can finally experience freedom, contentment, joy, peace.  Trying to use anything else will only end in us chasing shadows.  Ephemeral mirages projected by unpurified motives and desires.  Mirages that will soon be covered in darkness again.  

If what we seek is not truth and light than we are following shadows.  We cannot look to ourselves for salvation, for we do not produce our own light.  Our light only comes from the light Himself, Jesus Christ. Any light we see in the world is only a product of His radiance, not our own.  Perhaps this is the symbolism of the three wise men following a light, a star.  A light that came not from within, but from above.  And as they continued their journey they found the true light of the world.  

As we Journey Towards Christmas may we discover the true light.  Our only hope. True salvation.


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