JTC: Give Light Permission to Shine

As I reflect on another year passed, flipping through the inky pages of journals and sketches, I see a common theme: LIGHT.  It seems as though every page hints at my sorrow over light lost, and the surrounding  darkness.  As I scan across entries made months ago, I remember the struggle.  The days where it took all I had to mouth the words, “I trust you, Jesus.”  Yet, I find encouragement in those penned words, because they serve as a reminder that time has passed and He has indeed been faithful.  His faithfulness is like the string that pulls my bent soul back into place.  Like one of those wooden toys that slumps into a pile of wooden pieces before the string is pulled taunt and the wooden figure stands errect again.  God’s faithfulness is like that string. When I start to go slack, His faithfulness pulls me back into standing position.  His faithfulness is the reason I stand in the face of fear, doubt, dissapointment, and monotony. 

In the midst of all the chaotic emotions, I continue towards another Christmas with greater awe than ever before.  Awe inspired by His abiding faithfulness and love shining in my darkness.  This time of year reminds me that the darkness is not deeper, it only seems so because light dims when we look away.  It is not truly dimmer, we simply lose focus.  Christmas is a time for refocusing; to set the star before us again, following its light towards the Savior, letting darkness fade to the peripherial.  It is the time of year that can fan faith and hope into flame again, but we have to choose to look up to the light.  

The world is a dark place, but it is not a conquering darkness.  This Christmas let the light draw your eyes away from darkness to the One who has defeated darkness.  Do not let your eyes become accustomed to the darkness, nor allow your heart to believe the darkness holds power.  Do not let your soul slowly, imperceptibly, begin to embrace the darkness because it likes the comfort found in the ability to hide imperfections.  Do not let apathy steal your joy, or whisper defeating lies in your ears.  Reject the camoflage.  Shine a light and see the source of the lies.  You will find nothing there, for darkness flees when light comes, for greater is He Who is in you, than he who is in the world. Darkness offers fearful illusion.  Let your eyes begin to adjust and remember what pure, unhindered light looks like.  Do not run, hide, or cover the light. Embrace the warmth and direction it offers.  Embrace truth. Embrace life.

I pray this Christmas you give light permission to shine.  Let light chase away the darkness, the fear, the doubt, the disillusionment, the apathy. Remember your inheritance.  You are a co-heir of King Jesus.  A child of the light.  A city on a hill.  An earthenware vessle filled with the holy light of the Most High. Look up! Look Up! Take in the light, let it do its purifying  work. Behold, the LIGHT. In Him there is no darkness.


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