JTC: Where Do Your Passions Lead?

I have thought a lot this Christmas about the journey the wisemen started that first Christmas.  The dedication and passion it took not to just follow the star, but the endless time it took to discover that star in the first place.  Hours of pouring over manuscripts, countless, sleepless, nights craning their necks to view the stars and record what they saw.  Faithfully mapping out the movement of the constellations and starry hosts through the months and years.  The belief.  The patience. The frustration. The resources.  Their ceaseless persistence took them farther than they ever imagined.  Isn’t it ironic that men who studied lights in the sky would be the ones to discover the greatest light mankind has ever known?
Like the wisemen I find this Christmas I am still waiting for my star to appear.  The light ahead letting me know I am indeed heading in the right direction.  Wishing for a sign to let me know I am not completely lost and God’s promises are true.  Writing this season has offered me some respite.  A few stolen moments from the business, to stop and contemplate the path ahead.  And as I reflect on the journey thus far, the dark moments, the enlightened moments, the painful moments, and the joyful ones, I have to admit something to myself.  I may have stopped looking.  After all how to you recognize something you’re not really looking for? I don’t know I would even recognize my “star” in all its brilliance if it was right in front of my eyes.  I have become disillusioned, and hurt as I wait for God’s promised plans to unfold.  
In my disillusionment I am glad there have been those faithful few throughout history who did not leave the path or give up on looking for their promises.  Because it gives me hope that I can become a passionate seeker once more.  Not a seeker of a world that is wasting away, but a seeker of truth and divine light.   I want to be like the wise men who followed their promised star, a heavenly gift,  all the way to the feet of a king.  The One True King.  The Creator Himself.  The only truly priceless gift.  Jesus is where all their hours and years of studying led them.  To bow before a baby boy and offer Him their precious gifts.  I want to learn what they learned at the end of their seeking:  If it doesn’t lead to the feet of Jesus it’s not worth pursuing.  
If the money, title, education, prestige, position, general stuff, doesn’t lead to Christ… If I can’t lay it all down at His feet at the end of the day…  Then am I pursuing anything worth while?  I have rediscovered an old and treasured revelation…That I want the culmination of my life’s pursuit now, and all year through, to be Jesus, the Prince of Peace, God with me.   
May every “star” you seek this year lead you back to Him.
Merry Christmas.


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